Listing the most famous chicken preparation techniques across the globe

If you love non-vegetarian food, chances are that you also love chicken. For ages now, Chicken recipes come as one of the most savoured dishes across the globe. Other than being delightful, every one of these chicken cuisines is high on nutrition at the same time.

Carlos polit, who has set up himself as perhaps the most discussed chef around, further examines about the flavorful chicken recipes that won everyone’s heart.

Most famous chicken recipes across the globe:

Stir-fried chicken recipe

Speak to any chicken lover and he or she will talk first about this chicken recipe. The chicken thighs are gently sliced and afterward placed on a small pan. The pan is then heated on medium flame while putting little oil.

Cook all chicken pieces while stir-frying them until they turn brown in color. One thing you need to guarantee is that you should not put in the entire chicken slices at one go. That way, you can ensure that the chicken is going to get the required color, aroma or taste.

According to Carlos polit moscato, there are various ways to cook stir-fried chicken. While few try to marinate chicken before preparation, others keeps it nice and simple.

Sautéed chicken

After stir-fried chicken, here comes another scrumptious chicken recipe that has been loved and cherished by every other non-vegetarian person. For this, you need chicken breasts, tenderloins or chicken thigh filets to get the best outcomes out of this cooking procedure. As you are pan frying, you won’t be over cooking or undercooking the placed chicken on the pan.

Put the pan on medium flam and put one tablespoon of oil. Put the chicken pieces to the skillet and cook them for around 7–8 minutes until they become perfectly brown colored. Keep going with the same process for rest of the pieces.


Grilling is preferred by people who don’t like excess fat in their chicken recipes for health reasons. According to Carlo polit Miami, one needs chicken thighs, chicken breasts or tenderloins for this cooking technique.

While doing this, you have to ensure that the chicken is perfectly cooked from both the sides while keeping the heat medium. That said, you must also need to check the chicken pieces regularly to avoid them from being overcooked.

Proper Cooking

You can utilize the whole chicken, wings, drumsticks or chicken thigh cutlets to get the best results out of this cooking process. This is because of the way that the pieces will go with a bone in the center, assisting the bone with getting cooked appropriately during the cycle. With the bone in the center, the chicken will be cooked even from every one of the sides.

In a layman’s language, you are using this technique to make the chicken a part of your curries and salads. You can marinate the chicken beforehand or simply cook it on the medium flame before putting it into your favorite mix of spices and condiments.



Carlos Polit gained so much name and fame with his passion and talent to cook unique and delicious dishes.

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Carlos Polit

Carlos Polit gained so much name and fame with his passion and talent to cook unique and delicious dishes.